2012年、2014年Finger Dance世界チャンピオンNARI ニューヨークアポロシアター5大会連続優勝 パフォーマーZANGE 2016年Finger Dance世界2位RYOGA の3人が集結したスペシャルユニットXTRAP(エクストラップ) 指だけを使うDigitz、腕で魅せるTutting。 それらのダンスをベースにした表現で未知の世界観を造り出す。 視覚のトラップに陥れる光と影の次世代ダンスエンターテイメント。

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SONY New gadget | XTRAP web CM appearance

SONY New gadget | XTRAP web CM appearance

SONY meets Tutting Dance

I appeared in the new gadget web CM as XTRAP.
The web CM concept of this time,
It was an appeal of SONY's new concept gadget playing sounds in various bodies and places.

Tatting dance we are doing (finger tutting) is still not well known in the dance world.
I want a basic movement as much as possible this time. Order with.
Concept playing sound in motion, could you express well?


Frozen XTRAP in extreme cold shooting

Those who saw the movie,  February when cold winter in winter still remains on shooting day.
The XTRAP members have been chilling for a long time, lol
Every time we check the video, once we escape to the room, We will re-enter the spirit and come out repeatedly lol

About 2 hours shooting, I brought in a large heater LOL

Everyone in the shooting team where 20 people came, perhaps the shooting staff,
I should have been most freezing lol
Thank you so much for having a relationship with me during the cold weather.


The place to shoot is Freestyle Dungeon ...

In fact, what you prepared for shooting in Tokyo was
It was familiar Shinkiba Coast (ageHa / Shinkiba) at Freestyle Dungeon venue.
It was outdoors in our video, so I do not notice it.


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Many other people are also participating.
SONY motion sonic project.
Please also visit the special site.



What is XTRAP performance

The latest finger tutting dance of the world top level,
Futuristic performance world unique to XTRAP based on fixed point art.

We are publishing the latest performance on YouTube!
By all means ↓

⭐️Kaleidoscope art created with three fingers

Facebook video 1.4 million playback breakthrough!
⭐️Led glove performance "Finger Fireworks of XTRAP"

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