2012年、2014年Finger Dance世界チャンピオンNARI ニューヨークアポロシアター5大会連続優勝 パフォーマーZANGE 2016年Finger Dance世界2位RYOGA の3人が集結したスペシャルユニットXTRAP(エクストラップ) 指だけを使うDigitz、腕で魅せるTutting。 それらのダンスをベースにした表現で未知の世界観を造り出す。 視覚のトラップに陥れる光と影の次世代ダンスエンターテイメント。

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FB video 1.4 million views! XTRAP LED glove dance

FB video 1.4 million views! XTRAP LED glove dance

Over 1 million VIEWS in only 1 week

Finger dance with LED globe "Finger Fireworks by XTRAP"
It is a work which was challenging a new way of showing with XTRAP and was in production.

When I published the video, I took it on Facebook
Recorded 1 million videos in 1 week.
It was a surprise to our new record as well.

Movie videos are at the end of the article.


Originally GLOVING

Originally the dance culture using LED gloves has "GLOVING"
There are quite a lot of users in the world.
It seems that they often seem to use people who are using for overseas EDM festivals, clubs, etc. on play elements on the floor.

There are "Emazing lights" etc. in overseas brands of GLOVING Culture.
You often share XTRAP finger tat videos with Emazing lights on Facebook
It is a relationship that is deeply involved.

"Emazing lights" as the top brand of GLOVING,
XTRAP's NARI, RYOGA as the world's top level dancer of Finger Tutting.
We were deepening my friendship.


What have you been up to? What?

The XTRAP GLOVING work of this time was made by completely ignoring the conventional GLOVING method.
Because I was making the work mainly on the elements of XTRAP performance show
It may have led to "new !!".
Actually from abroad SNS from many grabbing dancers
"I did not have this idea!" lol
We have received many comments from the general people who have nothing to do with dance.
Many comments are still nice! lol


XTRAP grabbing movie is here

YouTube version

Since the face is invisible dance, "Oh, this was XTRAP" Opinions received lol
I am thinking that I would like to put out interesting works from now on, so please look it again!

Wrote by XTRAP management team



What is XTRAP performance

The latest finger tutting dance of the world top level,
Futuristic performance world unique to XTRAP based on fixed point art.

We are publishing the latest performance on YouTube!
By all means ↓

⭐️Kaleidoscope art created with three fingers

Facebook video 1.4 million playback breakthrough!
⭐️Led glove performance "Finger Fireworks of XTRAP"

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