2012年、2014年Finger Dance世界チャンピオンNARI ニューヨークアポロシアター5大会連続優勝 パフォーマーZANGE 2016年Finger Dance世界2位RYOGA の3人が集結したスペシャルユニットXTRAP(エクストラップ) 指だけを使うDigitz、腕で魅せるTutting。 それらのダンスをベースにした表現で未知の世界観を造り出す。 視覚のトラップに陥れる光と影の次世代ダンスエンターテイメント。

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XTRAP live appearance at AbemaTV of Kosaka Dai Maou(PIKOTARO)

XTRAP live appearance at AbemaTV of Kosaka Dai Maou(PIKOTARO)

Pico Taro's producer Kosaka Dai Maou's program
"XTRAP" was live appearance.

The cast is Mr. Kosaka Daimaou(PIKO TARO), LiSA, Mr. MACO, a top singer on YouTube.

Show off LED globe performance

On the program we showed "GLOVING Light Show" from XTRAP's work.
Electricity is gone, what happens? It was impressive that it was becoming.
LiSA of the cast is said, "This performance is the first time for me to laugh".
XTRAP's Growing Light Show recently exceeded 1.4 million Facebook video views!
That was mentioned in the program as well.
Pico Taro will play 100 million video views! I can not imagine this anymore!


I want to collaborate with something right now!

Pico Taro says, "I want to collaborate with something right now!" I received a nice word.
As impressed by the media it is a very gentle person.
XTRAP received serious advice about Las Vegas and future development.
I would like to continue making interesting works from now on!
The XTRAP member said that "live broadcast will be nervous".


Cast performer, everyone finger wave lol

Lecture urgent expressing the technique of using a finger to wave a wave
We got everyone to do it together!
In the audience comment in the program "It was made by all the people surprisingly!"
MACO was scared to avoid flowing waves lol

I hope to see you as a diamond, not the next one.
Thank you everyone!

Wrote by XTRAP Manegement team



◆ What is XTRAP performance

The latest finger tut dance of the world top,
Next-generation performance world unique to XTRAP based on fixed point art.

We are publishing the latest performance on YouTube!
By all means ↓

⭐️Finger Kaleidoscope

Facebook video 14 milion views
⭐️Led glove performance

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