2012年、2014年Finger Dance世界チャンピオンNARI ニューヨークアポロシアター5大会連続優勝 パフォーマーZANGE 2016年Finger Dance世界2位RYOGA の3人が集結したスペシャルユニットXTRAP(エクストラップ) 指だけを使うDigitz、腕で魅せるTutting。 それらのダンスをベースにした表現で未知の世界観を造り出す。 視覚のトラップに陥れる光と影の次世代ダンスエンターテイメント。

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9/17 XTRAP Tempozan World Performance Festival 2017 appearance

9/17 XTRAP Tempozan World Performance Festival 2017 appearance

Thank you for your continuous support.
XTRAP (extra) was decided on 9/17 WPF.
It is a festival where many performers gather. Please come and visit us.

CAST TIME SEP 17th  13: 00 ~ / 16: 00 ~ @ Kaiyukan Hall
Venue Osaka Prefecture Osaka-shi Minato-ku Ocean Coast 1-1-10 Osaka Aquarium Hall

Event Details

A celebration of performers will come to Tempozan this year too!
At Tempozan Harbor Village, "Tempozan World Performance Festival" will be held for three consecutive holidays in September this year too.
In addition to juggling and balloons which are the staple of street performance, performers of various genres appear more than last year, such as imitation and Chinese acrobatics!
We will continue to carry out the "Tempozan WPF Grand Prize" which decides the MVP of the day by everyone's vote, so please come to Tempozan Harbor Village by all means!

For the details of performers and schedules etc. of each day, please refer to the image below.

Tempozan World Performance Festival website


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