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New movie 37 million playback breakthrough | Japanese dance performance group XTRAP

New movie 37 million playback breakthrough | Japanese dance performance group XTRAP

XTRAP's new work movie "Finger Kaleidoscope" (kaleidoscope of finger tat finger) released in June
Achieved 35 million videos in 1 week. More than 1 million people worldwide got a share.
Currently it is Facebook video, 37 million views playback.
Members said "Really, people who do not know at all know that they are happy to see it by many people
It is a strange feeling that a hot message and a lot of comments are included." That thing.

What is a kaleidoscope of fingers

It is produced using finger dance "finger tut" which is the main concept of XTRAP.
It is a new performance.
Originally, the shape which we came over by chance during the production of another work was the start of this work.

"This form is beautiful, it looks like a kaleidoscope."

It was the start.
Then, what you took with a live camera with live performance
It is this work that tried to realize the performance to be displayed on the screen in real time.

Members are also surprised

This "Finger Kaleidoscope" for YouTube video
It was one that made a new kaleidoscope movement and concept and photographed it.
When I uploaded the movie and it was 20 million played in 3 days
All the members were "What happened!?"

At that time only ZANGE is in Korea performance expedition
I could not understand the bus situation and it was a surprise since I returned home.
When shooting up (RYOGA / NARI / ZANGE)


Also posted on Yahoo! News! XTRAP's new video

Summary of XTRAP's news posted information.

Original video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC-PV2BSYD4

Thankfully, it is posted in coverage and news on all media.

Yahoo news article "Reproducing the kaleidoscope with just finger movements Japanese dance unit is a big echo in the world"

Also posted here Yahoo! News Article "Finger dancing like a kaleidoscope Japanese group is extremely popular abroad"


News in various countries media

XTRAP members are also amazed. It was published in various media. It became a wonderful age that movies flapped arbitrarily.
I was also informed that overseas news programs are being introduced.

This seems to be a news program in China.

This is an American program.
"It looks like synchronized swimming! It's amazing!"

This is a Korean news program. "Finally the finger dance came seriously."

This is also information program in China. Video of XTRAP is staff roll! lol

I hope I could realize collaborative work with artists too.


What is XTRAP

Based on NARI, RYOGA, ZANGE, finger tuts, animation dance, fixed point art etc.
It is a next-generation dance performance crew.
In addition to this "finger Kaleidoscope", various next-generation dance performances are being disseminated.


XTRAP YouTube here http://xtrap.jp/youtube








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