2012年、2014年Finger Dance世界チャンピオンNARI ニューヨークアポロシアター5大会連続優勝 パフォーマーZANGE 2016年Finger Dance世界2位RYOGA の3人が集結したスペシャルユニットXTRAP(エクストラップ) 指だけを使うDigitz、腕で魅せるTutting。 それらのダンスをベースにした表現で未知の世界観を造り出す。 視覚のトラップに陥れる光と影の次世代ダンスエンターテイメント。

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After the XTRAP casual dinner show

After the XTRAP casual dinner show

First held After casual dinner show

XTRAP casual dinner show on March 16 (Wednesday) at Kyobashi Veronica.
Although XTRAP experienced three independent performances at Jesus theater, the dinner show was the first attempt.
I solidly built up the show composition and devised the composition for the dinner show.
There was also a part that struggled quite a bit because there was also one month since the last show.
Dinner and performance live, how was it?

Talk as a function

This time, it is a talk performance that I planned to do something that I can not do on stage.
You may be surprised if you have seen the XTRAP performances before ,,,,
Talk about how three people each have a microphone LOL

Formation of XTRAP Confidential story,
The story behind such as the name of the group that became
Serious scenes telling XTRAP's will also.
S__206397443 S__12681234In the first half there was a bit of a somewhat confused atmosphere in the ornate space,
but sometimes it got even better with talks,

Entertainment that everyone can enjoy

Although it seems that there were many people who felt a little closed atmosphere when listening to the complete reservation system this time,
XTRAP is always based on a show that you can enjoy even those who watch for the first time regardless of age.
20160318完成品.mp4_000017317At next time, those who are interested please try experiencing the XTRAP raw show once.
And thank you everyone who came this time.

# XTRAP Tweets are also pleased to see a lot after the performance.

"Handtips, fingertips, to the Futuretips"
Please your support for XTRAP in the future.

2016/3/16 Digest image of casual dinner show is here


Written by XTRAP management team
"Thank you for providing a photo"

Written by XTRAP運営team






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